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What is a VPN and why do you need a Virtual Private Network?



VPN and why do you need a VPN

The online component has experienced significant penetration into society over the last few years. Although the Internet tool was widespread and was part of the daily life of most citizens, this trend has been reinforced, especially in the workplace. 

Work stays at home and this situation has brought new relationships with computer concepts. Users look for VPN what it is and other concepts related to security to better understand its possibilities when connecting to the work network from anywhere.

What is a VPN?

The VPN is a Virtual Private Network in which it is possible to work connected to the Internet, under a series of confidentiality and security parameters with which the user guarantees the protection of their data and information. It is a space where connected users share information and documents safely. In the VPN definition, the virtual aspect is key, because although up to now computer protection programs have been common in local networks, getting this guarantee when there is an Internet connection was not so easy. Now this security is possible thanks to vpn servers. The importance of this tool is that it creates private networks between users, without the need for both of them to be connected in a local network, as it used to be. Each one from a different point, although thousands of kilometers away, is connected to this shared network. A connection that would not be possible without the corresponding protection, which is another of the key points of VPNs.

VPN features

To understand the VPN meaning, you have to mention these words: Virtual Private Network, which in Spanish means virtual private network. VPN clients access it and can share data securely. It is an ideal space to work together with other co-workers, among other functions. If each worker is located in a different place, and in some cases at home, it is necessary to have a private server through which it is possible to transfer data related to the company. All this process is carried out under important security protocols that guarantee maximum confidentiality thanks to the high levels of VPN protection; thus preventing third-party users from accessing the material.  They encrypt and the information arrives in a hidden way, only visible to those computers or mobile phones that have the corresponding authorization. It is a very useful tool to access all the possibilities that the Internet offers in a secure way.

Advantages of a VPN

What is a VPN and what is it for? It is a question that many users ask themselves. An added value to the VPN network is the fact that it is not only useful in a work context. Outside of it, at the domestic level, it is also very useful because the exposure to risks is greater than it seems. WiFi networks are an example of this. Most citizens connect, when they can, to public Internet connections or those that provide spaces such as restaurants or shops. Hacking experts can steal data from devices connected to these public networks. This is avoided if you have an Android VPN connection, which has protection mechanisms against hacker entry attempts.

It is not the only case. There are countries where, unfortunately, freedom of expression is limited. We have the recent reference to the blogger from Belarus who has been arrested, after the government decided to hijack a Ryanair plane that was flying its territory, with the citizen inside. The vpn service includes address hiding from where, for example, messages are published. It is common in China that many foreign citizens have to connect to servers in other countries to access information or platforms censored in that country. This privacy protection through a vpn server is also sometimes necessary in democratic countries. Companies use the browsing data to carry out their algorithms and load advertising to the user of social networks; a situation that can be avoided if you have the right tool.

what is VPN

On a private level, this tool is very interesting and can save money. (Image/ Stefan Coders –

At the user level, outside of the work context as well, using a VPN is useful from a leisure point of view. There blocked content in certain geographical areas due mainly to issues of television rights. Have you tried to see the goals of a match and they prevent you due to your geographical position? Well, this obstacle is overcome with a VPN connection. Encryption of private data or availability of higher bandwidth is also achieved when a user decides to activate VPN. Content downloads can be included at this point, which some platforms try to block at all costs. Through this system it is possible to jump over this obstacle and enjoy the online offer to the fullest.

If you are a regular buyer, this interests you. As previously cited, the answer to what a VPN is and what it is for it does not refer only to the world of work. On a private level, this tool is very interesting and can save money. Yes, save money. Companies use the data related to Internet searches, locations or navigation to adjust their offer to a series of conditions. This has a positive side for the consumer, but also a negative one. Prices may go up. Northern European countries have more purchasing power than southern ones, for example. Searching for the same product in one country or another may have a different result in terms of price. Activating a VPN on the device that we usually use to make purchases online can be a good idea and, perhaps, it means a reduction in spending. On the other hand, and from a more technical point of view, Installing a VPN also prevents attacks that can slow down your connection. This aspect is especially important for gamers , those users of video games, whose results can be significantly negatively altered if they are not protected against this risk.

Regarding the technical issues of the advantages of VPN, several are worth highlighting. On the one hand, it works in all kinds of applications; which remarkably facilitates navigation. It is a tool used by dissidents to protect your identity from dictatorial regimes. Its connection and disconnection process is done very easily, it can even be automated, so the user has the guarantee that they are protected at all times. VPN networks also offer an extra point of security in Wi-Fi access points, where hacks can occur relatively easily. The free public Internet is positive, but it has certain risks against which it is advisable to protect yourself. This protection is also achieved in relation to the Internet provider. It has access to the content that is accessed from the devices connected to its network, a fact that is avoided if a VPN is activated.

How to use a VPN

Another advantage of a private VPN is its easy setup. Although it is a computer security mechanism that has a certain complexity in some aspects, companies in the sector have facilitated the process thanks to the design of intuitive applications adapted to all types of VPN clients. The question what is a vpn and how is it configured? has an easy answer. The first step to install VPN is to download the corresponding application, either on a computer, mobile phone or tablet. It is essential to register on the platform with which the VPN service has been contracted, providing information that will be necessary each time a session starts. Once the user is inside the application, with their credentials, you just have to confirm the activation of the product and start using the vpn networks.

When the VPN is activated, all movements made with the device take place under security encryption that guarantees absolute confidentiality. It is essential to activate the VPN every time the user wants to be protected, since, if said activation does not take place, the program is not working even if the application is installed. The program always tries to facilitate this process for the user, so it is possible to automate the connection, so that the vpn is activated automatically when the device is turned on.

The question about what a VPN is in computing has several answers, although the most obvious one emphasizes data encryption. The operation is simpler than, a priori, it may seem. That does not detract from the high capacity of the product, completely impregnable. The VPN server creates an encrypted tunnel through which all data that is sent and received on the Internet passes. This encryption means the encryption of the message, so that if someone outside accessed it, they would not understand it in any case. Once the data has reached the VPN server, where only registered users have access, this data is already displayed in its original format. It is a computer process that guarantees high protection.


The VPN service has important advantages that cannot be neglected. Although initially it may appear that it is a useful tool in the work environment or for those users who “hide” something, this is a biased and limited conclusion. The VPN has very positive functions for mainstream citizens, who watch movies on Netflix or play video games. All of them are exposed to monitoring processes by suppliers and companies, which use this data for their own benefit. If you eat in a restaurant, Google asks you afterwards to leave an opinion. If you want to watch a sports broadcast, this wish can be denied for rights reasons. Are
just two examples of the many negative situations that the user, simply by looking for the content they like, must face.

The possibilities of VPN networks are very wide and respond to the different needs of each user. It is evident that those who work from home and are continuously connected to the Internet do not have the same need as those who use the Internet only to view content on YouTube. In any case, having access to this platform multiplies confidentiality and privacy. Considering that many citizens live continuously connected to their mobile phone, the simple action of connecting Android VPN can radically change life. And it is that it avoids, among other aspects, the capture of the location, so annoying messages will no longer reach the mobile phone. It is just one example of how a VPN connection on the Smartphone can help you live better. There are a number of issues to consider when looking for a VPN. The price range is significant, there are even some free VPNs, but they don’t offer optimal performance. In any case, it is possible to find a suitable connection at a very competitive price. The payment is monthly and for 10 euros a month it is possible to find a reliable and guaranteed server. Higher speed and increased security levels mean higher costs, although it is easy to find an optimal server without the obligation to make a large outlay.

Another relevant point is the adaptation that the connected device must carry out, with respect to this new security process. You have to be patient. The speed of the Internet connection can suffer, especially in the first connections, although it is a change that does not affect the ability to work. The system is not infallible, especially when it comes to location. It is not that the security protocol can fail, but that there is an increasingly developed technology that can circumvent this security protocol.

Furthermore, the VPN connection does not guarantee total anonymity. However, it is a favourable point, since it prevents impunity for those who commit virtual crimes or perform disrespect for the Internet, since they will be found.

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