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What is SEO positioning and Why is it so important for your business growth?



SEO positioning
What is SEO positioning and Why is it so important for your business growth?

To understand how SEO positioning works , you must first understand how Google decides which websites to show in the top positions in its search engine. 

Well, it does so through algorithms that are dedicated to crawling the entire web, studying the variables that position or not the different pages. In this article, we are going to explain what SEO positioning is for your business and the benefits that a good strategy can bring you.

Today, any company with a presence on the Internet wants to appear in the top positions of search engines, and it is no wonder, since it depends on achieving a greater number of sales. The online shopping business has grown exponentially in recent years, and especially after the coronavirus pandemic, when it has become even more important to have a presence on Google, which is the search engine most used by users.

Achieving a good SEO positioning is not an easy task and it is not a mathematical rule that always provides the same result. In fact, according to some estimates, Google changes its rules about 500 times a year, so it is very difficult to be fully updated.

What is SEO positioning for?

SEO – which is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization – can be defined as a digital marketing strategy whose objective is to optimize the characteristics of web pages to obtain a better position and visibility in the main search engines. Most Internet users are Google users, so the SEO strategy is based on achieving a good SEO positioning in this search engine.

SEO positioning is also known as search engine positioning, organic positioning or web positioning, and should not be confused, with its other positioning companion, the SEM, which unlike the first is based on paid ads to achieve a better position on the pages. of results. Basically, with SEO, companies obtain visibility on the Internet without a specific investment.

Getting a quality organic search engine positioning requires a good SEO positioning strategy . In this way, it is also possible to improve the relevance, visibility and authority of a web page. All this contributes to the natural traffic that the domain is capable of hosting.

Why is search positioning so important?

If your goal is for your business to increase its sales and its visibility in search engines, we show you a series of reasons why you should implement a web positioning strategy for your company:

  1. Target traffic. Thanks to the SEO strategy you will be able to increase the number of visits to your website from people who are looking for your product or service.
  2. Increase in sales. Without a doubt, this is one of the main advantages that SEO positioning provides. By receiving greater visitor traffic, you will get potential customers to know your brand and finally, trust your products.
  3. Prolonged positioning. If your website has quality content and this corresponds to the services your company offers, you will be among the top positions for a long period of time. But, you must not forget to keep your website constantly updated, with texts that add value and credibility.
  4. Digital marketing strategies. It is, without a doubt, one of the best digital marketing strategies to position your business in search engines. To achieve this, you have to establish a program of interesting topics, use the keywords, have dissemination on social networks, among other tactics. All this can be achieved at cost 0, if you have the necessary knowledge. But, to achieve the desired result, it is essential to know how to use it, therefore, in most cases, it is best to turn to SEO positioning companies. They will be the ones who make sure that our website appears on the first page of the search engines.
  5. It improves the credibility and trust of users. Carrying out a successful SEO positioning strategy will get your potential customers to trust and believe in your services or products. By performing several searches on the web and always reaching your domain, you will achieve notoriety and, therefore, you will gain more confidence. This fact translates into one of the previous points, an increase in sales, since most of us trust Google, and if your company is so visible, consumers will also trust your business.
  6. Greater visibility in social networks. A website with a large number of visits will also have a great impact on social networks. Currently, platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok or Twitter, are great advertising platforms for companies. Therefore, if a company has a good SEO positioning, it will also be successful on its social networks, another great source of sales.
  7. This is not invasive advertising . Without a doubt, it is one of the most advantageous points of SEO positioning, since nobody likes to receive advertising that, in many cases, is poorly oriented. This does not happen with SEO, since a person when he arrives at the website is because he has previously searched for the keyword or keyword in the search engine. This means that you have already shown interest in the service or product offered on the website.

In addition, if the content you offer, as we have already mentioned, is of quality, it will consult your website again. This fact will have a positive impact on your goal of reaching the top positions in search engines.

Despite the fact that carrying out practices aimed at improving SEO positioning may lead you to improve your visibility, gain clicks, and so on. There are other types of tasks that require a team of professionals who have enough experience to manage SEO strategies focused on positioning yourself in the top positions of search engines, hence the importance of having an SEO agency for your business.

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