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How can you use 4gram to gain automatic popularity with fans?



4gram Instagram Followers

Instagram is a famous social media in 2020 and 2021 also. Then Instagram has a big audience. Do you know Instagram has 6Bilion monthly visitors. 

Then a lot of people try to get more followers and more likes to post. You also try to get more followers to your Instagram account. In this article, I give the tool to get more followers; you can read the article till the end and reach 5000, 10000 followers in your Instagram account.

What is 4gram?

4Gram is an unfastened tool that could assist in growing your online engagement on Instagram robotically.

4Gram claims to be connected to the 4Liker network. They claim to be an Instagram exchange tool that can increase engagement and increase the number of your followers.

Although they claim that their services are completely free to use, this may not be entirely true. In addition, because they claim to offer free services.

I’m not sure these services are completely free without the wires connected. That’s why I had to review this tool myself.

Is 4Gram safe?

According to 4Gram, their platform is safe to use. They say the only thing they will do to your account gives you more popularity and more followers. They do nothing but this.

How can you use 4gram to gain automatic popularity with fans?

  •  First of all, you need to change your Instagram account setting. If you have a private setting, then change it publicly. Otherwise, this app will not work for you.
  • Also, change your mobile security settings; check the unknown source button in your setting to install this application.
  • Now, download this app and install it on your device. Once you have installed this app properly, then restart your device once and open the app to use this.
  • Enter your Instagram account details and password using the 4gram app, then log in to your account.
  • You can find instant popularity in your photos and other personal photos. You must select the default preferences option after opening your account.
  • Now, set the photos you want to find favorable, and if you want to gain popularity from any other personal profile or picture, you need to submit the URL for that photo or that profile.
  • You can upload your 8 photos to gain popularity at once, and don’t repeat the process until the 15-minute submission.


If you are interested in getting auto followers for your profile, you should select the option for automatic fans after logging into your account with the 4gram Android app. 

You will be able to find default followers; it’s like you’re getting automatic popularity on an Instagram account. If Instagram blocked your account use the 4gram app. You must sign in to your account using the official Instagram app.


4gram is a tool to get more Instagram followers and likes. Know you know about what is 4gram, the safety of 4gram, and how to use it. then don’t worry about the safety of this tool. You can try this simple tool and get amazing results. this is the end of this simple review about 4gram

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1 Comment

  1. Pascal

    June 25, 2021 at 11:17 AM

    First, it’s essential to know that not all
    backlinks are created equal.

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